Behold, My Servant

2022-01-09 – Year C – Epiphany 1 – The Rev. Canon Christopher M. Klukas

Isaiah 42:1-9; Psalm 89:20-29; Acts 10:34-38; Luke 3:15-22

  • Example of true self being revealed – Beauty and the Beast


  • Manifestation. “a sign that shows something clearly” Jesus’ divine nature peaking through to show itself. “God in man made manifest” (Songs of Thankfulness and Praise). Both fully God and fully man.

Baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist

  • Luke 3:22 – “You are my beloved Son.” This is a proud Father speaking.
    • Like the proud Father sending his Angelic choir to announce Jesus’ birth.
  • Luke 3:22 – The Holy Spirit descends in bodily form like a dove.
    • Acts 10:38 – Jesus was anointed with the Holy Spirit and power
    • Psalm 89:20 – Anointing David with Holy Oil – 1 Samuel 16:13
    • “Messiah” and “Christ” mean “annointed one.” What is he anointed to do?

Introducing “My Beloved Son”

  • Isaiah 42:1 – “Behold my servant…my chosen, in whom my soul delights.” – Hear the Father’s love again!
    • “I have put my Spirit upon him.” – This is the anointing spoken of earlier. This servant is the coming Messiah.
  • “He will bring forth justice to the nations.”
    • Justice is a major them of this passage. What is meant by “justice” here? “Justice is the Lord’s truth and the truth about the Lord”
      • “the righting of wrongs, the establishment of a just order—a prospect associated with the Lord’s own coming to reign”
      • “the message that there is only one God.” There cannot be true justice without this standard of truth.
    • “The nations” his mission is not just to the jew. This is another major them of Epiphany

The Character of the Servant

  • Isaiah 42:2 – “He will not cry aloud…”
    • His mission will not be accomplished through force. This king is gentle.
  • Isaiah 42:3 – “A bruised reed he will not break…”
    • Appliance repair man.
    • All of us are bruised reeds and smouldering wicks.
    • “No one is unworthy of help; no one will be treated harshly or as unimportant and expendable.”
  • Isaiah 42:4 – “He will not grow faint or be discouraged till…” He will not be stopped.

Commissioning the Servant

  • In verse 5 and beyond God shifts to address the servant directly, much like a commissioning. This is more good news for us.
  • Isaiah 42:6 – “I will make you as a covenant for the people…”
    • The servant is the covenant. “he represents the people in God’s covenant.”
  • Isaiah 42:7 – Sight for the blind, freedom for the prisoner.


  • Isaiah 42:9 “…before they spring forth I tell you of them.” God was gracious enough to give us a glimpse of his plan, though Isaiah, so that when it came to pass we would recognize it.
  • These things have come to pass in part, and they are available to us now.
    • Our spiritual blindness can be healed to reveal the one true God.
    • We can be released from the prison of sin that holds us captive.
  • There is more yet to come with the completion of God’s justice when the Messiah returns.
    • “They will be a perfected people in a perfect society and a perfect environment.”

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