Our Eternal Home

One of the most important ways that our Good Shepherd watches over us is by bringing us home. First of all he brings us into the fellowship of the Church where we can be a part of his flock. When we die, he brings those who have trusted in him to an eternal home, the Father’s house.

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Trusting Our Shepherd

We talked about the abundant life that Jesus offers us last week. Part of this abundance is the ability to live without anxiety when we trust in him. We can always trust Jesus to be our guide, our protector, our provider, and our salvation.

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He Is Our Shepherd

In the coming weeks, we will dwell in this shepherding image. We will remember God’s faithfulness and how we can trust him. We will remember how he reigns over all things. We will remember how he cares for each of us individually, as well as for his flock, the church, collectively.

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