Growing as a Saint

What does a Holy Spirit filled life look like? The beatitudes found in the gospel today point the way towards the characteristics of a Holy Spirit life. Jesus is not just giving advice but rather he is saying something different. These ‘blessings’, the ‘wonderful news’ that he’s announcing, are not saying ‘try hard to live like this.’ They are saying that people who already are like that will experience joy. What could it be like to live a life filled with the Holy Spirit? Could you life be more orderly, could it be more joyful, could you experience more peace in your situation?

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How to Vote as a Christian

Why should we, as Christians, be involved in worldly politics?
Trevon Wax, Sr. VP of Theology and Communications at Lifeway – “Our involvement in the political process is a way that we love our neighbors. It’s a way that we care for the world that God has entrusted to us, for the culture and the society that’s around us. ” In this sermon we will reflect on how we should discern our election decisions as Christians, as well as how we can be salt and light in a politically polarized world.

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Trusting Our Shepherd

We talked about the abundant life that Jesus offers us last week. Part of this abundance is the ability to live without anxiety when we trust in him. We can always trust Jesus to be our guide, our protector, our provider, and our salvation.

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Made One in Christ

Jesus the Christ is the way the truth and the life into the kingdom of God. He is our garment of salvation, His righteousness bestowed upon us; He is our hope and our fulfillment. In Him we are bound unto the intimate relationship with God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who loves us and calls us to Him in power. We are united to one another and become a member of His glory. Blessed are those invited to the wedding supper of the lamb

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Joy for the Sinner Who Repents

Who do you identify with in the story of the laborers in the vineyard (Matthew 20:1-16)? Are you the one who worked all day or the one who signed on at the 11th hour? There is a temptation to become prideful about our own obedience to Christ, this pride often comes with looking down on others. Pride can also lead to anger when we think we are not being properly recognized for our achievements.
This parable is begun and ended with the same phrase. “The last will be first, and the first last.”

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Anger and Forgiveness

To many people anger would be the only possible response to hard situations. It would seem just and right to retaliate against the man/woman who had caused so much suffering in a person’s life. Many people would think that he/she would feel more empowered to reject the person who hurt them and yet today we hear in our scriptures that true freedom exists with forgiveness. How can something that seems to be such an opposite of how we naturally feel and respond give us freedom? How come so many of us in this world feel such anger and rage on a daily basis?

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Avoiding Enmity

People don’t handle conflict well. Either they take the passive, rumor based approach, or the aggressive argumentative approach. Both end in pain and broken relationships. Jesus provides a better way in our Gospel passage this morning.

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Who Do You Say That I Am?

“Who do you say that I am?” Jesus asked his disciples this question in the Gospel passage that we read today, and it is still one of the most important questions in life, one you need to have an answer to. Listen to hear what it means that Jesus is the Christ.

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Crumbs for Dogs

In the Gospel today, we see Jesus and his disciples trying to get some much-needed rest, and a gentile woman, persistently begs Jesus to heal her daughter. How would Jesus respond? At first, he ignores her, and then he calls her a “dog,” a derogatory term used by the Jews of Jesus’ day to talk about the gentiles. This is the kind of response a Canaanite woman might have expected from a Jew. This isn’t the kind of response we would expect from Jesus! Even though Jesus’ silence and later his response seem rude, perhaps we can detect a “twinkle in his eye.” Especially when we remember how he commends her faith later in the story!

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