Go Before the Lord

What was it like when you were born? Was there joy, excitement, wonder, anticipation? Some babies are born with a clear purpose, like princes and princesses. For others, their sense of purpose develops over time. While John the Baptist wasn’t born into a royal household, he was born with a purpose. 

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Letting Go of our Creations

Once when my son was about three years old he had spent about an hour building an incredible duplo block creation. His little sister crawled over and began to pull at his buildings. He exploded with anger and frustration. When I mentioned that it was time for lunch and therefore clean up time which meant taking his building down and putting it away he was beside himself with anger and rage. I sat on the floor with my son trying to help him understand that God desires for us to give ourselves to work and creativity, and to also let go of that which we create. It is so tempting in this life to cling to physical things we can see, touch, and experience. God longs to give us a godly perspective of our life. If we come to him we will have right thinking in regards to the way we invest ourselves.

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Freedom for the Captives

What is it like to be released from captivity? This was something that the people of God experienced on a number of occasions in the Old Testament. Psalm 126 reminds us of the ways God has brought freedom in the past, and it gives the encouragement that the God who has always acted in the past will continue to act in the future. Are you experiencing captivity, in some form, right now? This Psalm will bring you hope.

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