The Tallest Tree

Virgin forests once covered 78% of Florida’s land. By 1937 only 21% was forested. Today, through reforestation efforts, the number has risen to 47%. But these new, younger trees are not nearly as big as the old growth trees were. One such tree, the Senator, was estimated to be 3,500 years old in 1993. Before a hurricane removed its top in 1925 the tree stood 165 feet tall. It was the 5th oldest tree in the world and the largest tree east of the Mississippi. Its trunk was 17.5 ft in diameter. The tree was destroyed by a fire lit by a 26 y/o drug addict on January 16, 2012. Today the charred remains of the tree are only 20-25 ft tall. In the readings for today, a number of nations are compared with tall trees that rise to prominence. Ultimately, all of these trees meet their end, but the Kingdom of God will stand for ever.

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Good Shepherd

Why should we follow a Shepherd when we can make our own decisions?
When we follow the Shepherd he will show us how to live so that we can have calmer and more peaceful lives. Jesus longs to give us His sheep lives that reflect Him and bring His glory into the world. How might God want to stretch you and change you for His glory? How might God want to bring you closer to Him? Perhaps you can’t quite imagine being on the shoulders of Jesus. Perhaps you feel not ready or not good enough to be that close. I have a secret to share none of us are worthy enough but He delights in showing us mercy.

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He Is Our Shepherd

In the coming weeks, we will dwell in this shepherding image. We will remember God’s faithfulness and how we can trust him. We will remember how he reigns over all things. We will remember how he cares for each of us individually, as well as for his flock, the church, collectively.

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Avoiding Enmity

People don’t handle conflict well. Either they take the passive, rumor based approach, or the aggressive argumentative approach. Both end in pain and broken relationships. Jesus provides a better way in our Gospel passage this morning.

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Struggling Against Temptation

Sometimes being a Christian can be a hard thing. The struggle against temptation is real, and it can feel like a heavy burden. How can we prevail in the face of temptation? We can follow the example of Jesus who was “tempted in every way as we are, yet without sin.”

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Christ the King

Christ the King Sermon 2017-11-26 – Year A – Pentecost 11-23 – Christ the King – The Rev. Christopher Klukas Ezekiel 34:11–20; Psalm 95; 1 Corinthians 15:20–28; Matthew 25:31–46 ●…

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