Locked Doors

To say that “no one locks their doors here” is a badge of honor for many communities. It is an expression of confidence in the safety of the neighborhood. I once lived in such a community. When my parents first moved there, there was not even a lock on the door! Today I always lock our doors before going to bed. I bet you do too. I don’t think there is anything wrong with locking the door to your house but is worthwhile to consider whether you are locking danger out or locking yourself in.
For Jesus’ disciples, it was a little of both.

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I am a Disciple

To be a disciple is to be a follower of Jesus. Jesus called his disciples and they learned from him by listening to his words and watching his actions. Today we can still learn from Jesus through two foundational disciplines. Reading and studying the Scriptures (and doctrine) and praying.

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