If everything in the Bible was rendered into a movie in a literal way, it would not be rated PG! Remember that the stories written in the Bible are both examples of WHAT to do as well as examples of WHAT NOT to do. The stories in the Bible weren’t written down for the people who experienced them. They were written for you…for us…for our instruction.

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Members of the Body

Biblical Church membership is different from the worldly idea of membership.
The worldly view says: “I pay my dues which entitles me to benefits.” The biblical view says: “I am in indispensable part of God’s mission team in this place.” William Temple, a former Abp. of Canterbury, once said “The church is the only institution that exists primarily for the benefit of those who are not its members.” At Good Samaritan, our vision is: Loving our neighbors and helping them to find God, love, God, and share God. None of us can fulfill this on our own. We need you, and you need us.

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Marriage and Divorce

In the Gospel today, Jesus teaches about divorce in response to a question from the Pharisees. Jesus is not speaking to make the divorced person feel condemned, he is addressing the Pharisee’s faulty thinking. Jesus points beyond their debate to the very beginning, to the very first marriage, to show how God intended for marriage to be permanent…”till death do us part.” Part of the the beauty of marriage is in this permanence. But it doesn’t always end that way because of the hardness of our hearts.

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Easter: Dashed Hope Becomes Victory

We talk a lot, as Christians, about the cross and how Jesus died for our sins. This is entirely true, and we should talk about it! But Good Friday without Easter is meaningless. The Resurrection is God’s seal of approval of Jesus’ work on the cross. It is proof that Jesus’ death was not in vain. It was, in fact, a victory, not a failure! The resurrection is the means by which Jesus defeats death forever. There is no resurrection without the crucifixion, and the crucifixion is meaningless without the resurrection. The two go hand in hand. This is why Easter is the most important celebration of the Christian year! It is our defining moment. The event that changes everything and makes us who we are.

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Freedom for the Captives

What is it like to be released from captivity? This was something that the people of God experienced on a number of occasions in the Old Testament. Psalm 126 reminds us of the ways God has brought freedom in the past, and it gives the encouragement that the God who has always acted in the past will continue to act in the future. Are you experiencing captivity, in some form, right now? This Psalm will bring you hope.

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What is the Gospel

What is the Gospel 2018-01-20 – Year B – Epiphany 3 – The Rev. Christopher Klukas Jeremiah 3:19–4:4; Psalm 130; 1 Corinthians 7:17–24; Mark 1:14–20   Street Interviews: What is…

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