Stuck in Fear

Today we meet Elijah, sitting in a cave, exhausted and fearing for his life. Elijah feels alone, he feels like a failure, he feels exhausted, and he is scared for his life. Elijah was paralyzed by fear to the point where he could no longer move forward. He was stuck. I think we all get to that place sometimes. Things seem to be falling apart all around us and we are scared to move forward and scared to turn around and go back. Where do we turn? What do we do?

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Trusting Our Shepherd

We talked about the abundant life that Jesus offers us last week. Part of this abundance is the ability to live without anxiety when we trust in him. We can always trust Jesus to be our guide, our protector, our provider, and our salvation.

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Preserving the Faith, Engaging the Mission

A lot has happened in the Anglican Communion over the past sixteen years. Structures are shifting, but the faith has not changed, God is still good, and his Kingdom is still expanding. When Elijah was at his darkest moment, God reminded him that he was not alone, and that there were still 7,000 people who had remained faithful. In our dark moments God continues to do the same, he reminds us that we are not alone and that there will always be a faithful remnant ready to continue the work of the mission of God.

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